• Media: PIP breast implants issue

    Tindall Gask Bentley law firm in the media about potential legal action for women with PIP breast implants in Australia.<--break->

    TGB has withdrawn from it's investigations into this class action, as it has recently been revealed that the proposed defendant did not have adequate insurance. The firm is investigating the potential for other defendants. Read more here. If you are a woman hoping to pursue legal action relating to this matter, please call Olla Kutieleh on (08) 8212 1077.

    11/12/13: Fairfax Media: Faulty breast implant maker jailed 

    20/7/13: Sydney Morning Herald, Good Weekend: Ruptured lives

    4/3/13: ABC 730 Report: Breast implants referred to ASIC

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    19/1/12: WA women join implant claim

    November 2012: That's life magazine

    23/10/12: News Limited network: Sole PIP implant distributor wound up

    14/10/12: News Limited network: Burst breast implants have long-term effects, victims claim

    20/6/12: Herald Sun: Toxic timebomb scare a furphy, say medics

    19/6/12: ABC24 Midday: Interview with Tim White about the planned class action and a UK report (raw interview)

    19/6/12: The Advertiser: Controversial breast implants "six times more likely to rupture"

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    24/5/12: Canberra Times: PIP implants high on list of regrets

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    3/4/12: 10 News and 7 News: Pregnant mum's implant fears

    3/4/12: Herald Sun: Pregnant mum's health fears as breast implants leak

    27/3/12: The West Australian: WA women set to sue for dud implants

    20/3/12: Lawyers Weekly: Bon voyage for Adelaide firm

    15/3/12: ABC News (audio): Lawyers for Australian women with PIP implants head to France to gather evidence 

    15/3/12: The Advertiser: 540 women register for proposed class action

    11/3/12: 60 Minutes on the PIP scandal

    10/3/12: 7 News: Breast scans under medicare

    2/3/12: Herald Sun: Implant woes multiply as more women join proposed class action

    25/2/12: Gold Coast Bulletin: Coast women join proposed class action

    20/2/12: Australian Doctor/itsmyhealth.com.au: PIP breast implants proposed class action

    12/2/12: The Age: How a boost to self-esteem became a time bomb

    12/2/12: The Age/Sun Herald/Brisbane Times

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    27/1/12: The West Australian: Mum suffering as implants split

    19/1/12: Women with PIP implants speak out: Sydney Morning Herald (this story also featured in the Age), the West Australian, the Advertiser.

    11/1/12: 7 News

    11/1/12: The Australian: Reports of doctors blaming Australian women's behaviour for rupturing breast implants

    11/1/12: The Advertiser: Australian women weigh up suit over French breast implants

    5/1/12: Ten News

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    4/1/12: ABC News (TV)

    4/1/12: Euro News

    If you are concerned about your breast implants, seek medical advice.

    Australian women with PIP breast implants can contact Tim White on (08) 8212 1077 or twhite@tgb.com.au.

    Please direct media requests to Communications Manager Andrew Montesi via email or phone (08) 8212 1077. 

    Tim White

    08 8212 1077 (Adelaide)
    08 8250 6668 (Salisbury/Gawler)
    08 8322 2755 (Reynella)
    08 9211 5800 (Perth, WA)

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    i will be haveing them removed on 13/2/12 at the gold coast i have a phone call app with Olla on the 1st of march at 9.30 i have all my paper work from my last opp . dont looking forward to all that pain again and time off with no pay hoping that the pain in left breast will stop and head ac.thank you, Deb

    I am waiting to have an mir on the 14th of march and from there will have my implants removed. The mri is to confirm what we already know and that is that both have ruptured. would you believe that i actually thought i was going thru menopause for the last 12 months

    Good luck Deb, we'll talk to you soon. Andrew.

    I'm so sorry to hear everyone's stories. I honestly thought nothing like this would ever happen in Australia. I feel disgusted and wish I had never gotten my implants.
    Let's hope they only cause lumps and bumps and nothing more serious. However I'm sure people agree with me that the op is very painful and takes months to recover from, and I was hoping it was a once in a life time experience!


    What time frame were the used in Brisbane

    Looks like they were in Australia from around early 2000s to April 2010.

    I had my pip implants put in 5 years ago, Not long after the 3year I kept telling my family something was'nt right. The doctor found my implant was leaking so I went back to my doctor and was informed he had retired and all they could do was refer a good doctor. So I had to not only go through the operation again I had to come up with the money all over again. I don't have pip implants now but I have silicon under my arm pit and chest cavity.need to know what now.

    Hi Karen I am the same as you. I have that filthy stuff in my body too under my left armpit... Keep on fighting they have to be brought to justice.

    Hi Karen, if you haven't already, contact us on (08) 8212 1077 and we'll do our best to help you. Andrew.

    There should be no delay in having these potentially life threatening implants removed. We live in a society where we have so many rules & regulations, why should this case be any different from any other.
    After living most my life growing up with no chest at all, I decided after having my two children it was time to boost my self esteem and feel like a lady. In 2008 I was convinced by my surgeon that the PIP plants were advanced and assured me that they would last for more than ten years. I went ahead with the surgery not knowing the pain I was to experience after the procedure. It was worse than giving birth.
    My self esteem went from 0 to 100.
    Mid last year I went to see my local doctor for depression and cysts under both my armpits. I have ended up with quite a few scars from removing these lumps. To this day i am still getting lumps and on anti depressants. I am now also experiencing pain/tingling down my left side of my arm for the last six months.
    I recently had an MRI scan done coming back as good. No rupture or leaking found.
    After researching a bit further, I found out that the implants can actullualy sweat out silicone without being detected on a scan. I was advised to have a fine needle biopsy to determine whether or not the silicone has ended up in my lymph nodes. So my next step is to have this procedure done and try and get enough money to have the implants removed and replaced ASAP.
    If the Australian government took this matter seriously, they would be preventing any long term effects that could impact so many women.
    Who would spend $10000 or more to have industrial/mattress filling put into their bodies. Wake up Australia!!!!!!!!

    I had my Pips implanted in 2005 in Adelaide and these were to replace another brand I had problems with(capsular contraction). Less than a year later I already had issues with these, even though I spoke with my Dr I was kind of stuck with them as I couldn't afford more surgery nor did I really have the time to take off work either. While I was troubled by the implants and they became more painful in places and slightly mis-shapen I kept going back to my Dr for reassurances. I had numerous ultrasounds and on those there seemed to be no rupture but other issues presented. My Dr stated all I could do was have these removed too- this was many years before the Pips made the media. In 2010 I contacted the TGA about Pips as I had heard stories about them and was very concerned. The TGA weren't that concerned but acknowledged my complaint and I was asked to send them to them should I decide to have them removed. So 2012 and I've been told by my Dr that he would recommend having them removed if any of his family had them :-( My Dr is a well regarded plastic surgeon . Not sure whether to bother with an MRI although I'd like to know conclusively whether these are ruptured. Ultrasound is NOT conclusive. Looks like another op is looming- don't even know whether I want to chance another set of implants regardless of brand! What are you left with though???!! So demoralised by it all and don't think anyone apart from us girls who have Pips can know how stressful and worrying all this is. How does the Dr responsible for the manufacture of these live with himself! I wish the general public and the Govt truly understood what its like to wonder/ worry whether you have mattress grade silicon in your chest!! Its a disgrace all round and so depressing.

    I had a mass the size of a golf ball cut out of my left breast in 2006 in Perth. At first I was happy and relieved the mass was benign but as there was a dramatic difference between the size and shape of my two breasts I began to feel very self consciece and depressed. I was further dismayed and horrified when the oncologists solution was to cut the unaffected breast and remove the same volume of flesh to even the breasts up at a further cost to me estimated at $4000.00. I decided to put my name on the public hospital waiting list but had one call of confirmation that I was on the list and nothing further. My luck changed or so I thought when I was left a small inheritance by my father. It was just enough to cover augmentation about $11,000.00. So I went ahead. At first I was very happy until the shocking news about the PIP implants. My thoughts were please don't let it be me then I got the dreaded call.
    I was advised to have the PIPS removed and it took almost a year of worry and distress going through the whole process from requiring a referral
    up to the removal of the PIPS. It has been 10 days now since they were removed. I am relieved but also so angry because of the pain ,discomfort, cost and inconvenience PIPS caused. I was told a lot of scar tissue had to be removed and I have landed up with different shape breasts and one is larger than the other, not as dramatically so but I am back where I started. Today I went to medicare and my insurer to recover some of the money I put on credit to pay in advance for the procedure.Considering it is now a health risk and medical procedure, I am still out of pocket after the pittance I managed to get out of them. All I can say is I am so disillusioned about the whole medical system and how it failed me and many others. I am a responsible ,hardworking Australian who deserves to better treatment than this. Whoever sets the standards needs to be accountable as well as PIPS and pay the consequences. Thank you TGB for taking this on.

    i had the pip implants put in 2006 both off my boobs over this peirod of time lost shape an sagged an very painfull when i had an ultra sound on them both of my implants had ruptured an i was booked in the next day to have them out in perth i was devastated and terrified.

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